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Bathroom Custom Showers

Homeowners in Sioux Falls use their bathrooms in different ways. For some, it’s a place to take an invigorating shower in the morning or melt away the stress of the day with a luxurious bath. For others, form and function are key, because they can hardly find the time to enjoy the home spa experience due to their hectic schedules.

As designers and bath manufacturers strive to make homes more personalized, one trend in bathroom remodeling is the concept of creating a custom shower.

Homeowners today are choosing a variety of shower features to meet their needs, from multiple showerheads to body sprays to sophisticated temperature control systems.

“There are an almost unlimited number of possible configurations that give homeowners the option to completely customize their showering environment,” said Keith Kometer, director of product marketing for Kohler Faucets. “If you’re looking for a modern, clutter-free look, the versatile WaterTile body spray from Kohler fits the bill.”

The design of the WaterTile, nearly flush to the wall, makes it possible to install the spray in a number of different areas: at your side on the wall, above you on the ceiling or in a corner where the wall meets the ceiling. The 22-nozzle WaterTile delivers a stimulating spray, while the 54-nozzle version creates soothing hydrotherapy.

For a thorough soaking, oversized Rain showerheads work with gravity to offer a thick, indulgent spray from above. For increased functionality, install a hand shower. Hand showers provide good water coverage and also are great for cleaning the shower space.

For more information on custom showers, log on to or call (800) 4-KOHLER.

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  1. Bernard Clyde
    Bernard Clyde says:

    It’s amazing to think that there are an almost unlimited amount of options for custom shower designs, as you mentioned. I think it’s a good idea to go out and look at what other people have decided to do with their custom shower. That way you can get an idea of what styles are out there and which would best fit your personality and home.

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