shower enclosures

The most exciting part about remodeling the bathroom (aside from enjoying its completion) is selecting the fixtures that’ll bring even the most boring lavatory to a place of exquisite beauty. Shower enclosures are examples of such fixtures, and these beauts can outshine any dull tub any day.

Whether you install an oblong, square, or quadrant shower enclosure, your bathroom will literally scream “artistry” with one of these fixtures and conserve space at the same time. After all, a shower enclosure surrounds a small area dedicated to a quick suds job – not space that may never be used, as with a luxurious tub or vat for two.

For example, you could install a square & rectangular shower enclosure in a corner, or you could get a little creative and install it right in the middle of the bathroom! In the middle of the bathroom, a shower enclosure becomes the center of attention, while occupants walk around it to do other things (like groom hair, dress, put on cosmetics, spry on perfume, etc.) right on out the bathroom door to work, school, or wherever.

But unlike square & rectangular shower enclosures, oblong and pentagonal shower enclosures are specifically designed to fit against a corner, which makes cleaning a breeze. With oblong shower enclosures, you’ve got two simple materials to rinse and wash off: the tile that surfaces the enclosed walls, and the glass or Plexiglas that builds the shower.

If you’re the modern type, you can’t go wrong with a D Shape Shower Enclosure. These types of shower enclosures can fit against any wall – not just a corner, and their sleek, round design brings the bathroom into the new millennium (and beyond).

No matter where you are in your remodeling plans, it’s never too late to squeeze one of these innovative stalls into your blueprints.

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