Basement Remodeling – Utilize Existing Space With a Basement Renovation  

When most Sioux Falls homeowners are considering a home improvement project, many times it is to add additional living space to the home. Many homeowners also have financial constraints when planning a remodeling project. A good solution is to consider a basement renovation.

Utilize Existing Space 

By utilizing a well-planned basement home improvement, space that is already available can be optimized without the enormous expense of constructing a new addition to the home.

Every successful basement remodeling project begins with a detailed plan. It is advisable to enlist the services of either an architect or remodeling design specialist. It is important to measure the basement and come up with a set of drawings for the project; both designer and homeowner should have input to the design.

Special Considerations 

Basements come with special considerations for incorporating them into the available living space offered by the home. Basements are prone to water and humidity problems. If there is a history of such problems they must be addressed in the renovation design.

If mold has been a problem, it must be treated with a microbial agent and then be removed. There are special mold inhibitor paints available that yield excellent results in preventing a re-occurrence, with a single application. Adding adequate basement ventilation in the renovation design plans will help control excess humidity.

Basements also commonly contain the heating, plumbing, electrical and load bearing systems for the entire home. A successful renovation plan will usually hide components such as plumbing or furnace ducts, but will provide access to them, should it become necessary.

If the design includes adding plumbing for a new bathroom, existing concrete slabs sometimes pose a problem. If any concrete must be broken to add plumbing, be sure to include that aspect of the project in the plans.

When planning the basement renovation project, it is important to be thorough and to make sure it is exactly the way you want it before work begins. Desired or necessary changes should be made on paper, not in mid-construction. Plans should include specific details about materials, fixtures, exact cost, and project completion timelines.

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