Our values – honesty, integrity and more…

We don’t believe that cost based competitive bidding serves the homeowners needs.

“Competitive bids are just that! If I shave the labor or materials to get your job, is that the house that you really want? There are hundreds of ways to lower the price of a building, which often lower the quality and workmanship also. The best drawings and specifications don’t protect you from poor building practices.”

-The Well Built House, PG. 23

This quote sums up our feelings very well. There are many ways to cut corners and create a low price. Competitive cost bidding rewards the lowest price and offers no incentive for doing a good job. In fact, it discourages a well-detailed estimate as well as hindering the contractor’s ability to offer a premier service during one of the most stressful times in the owner’s life.

Honesty, integrity, on time performance, organization, communication, these are the things that will be remembered long after the project is completed. These are also the things that you will get when you select Coacher Construction. These are the things that set us apart.

Do you really want your contractor always trying to find the cheapest way to do things, after he has been awarded the contract. We prefer to do things the “best” way. To us, that is the best combination of price and performance.